Home Awnings Protect Your Property

Reduce your home’s exposure to the sun with our custom-made home awnings, shade sails, canopies, and other shade solutions. Our hand-crafted materials will not only protect your home’s value, but add beauty and style for years to come.

Home awnings protect your furniture, floors, and carpets from the harmful effects of the sun, reducing sun exposure and heat by up to 20 degrees. Home awnings also accentuate key architectural features to improve curb appeal to create a lasting impression.

Whether your home is contemporary or classic, we can design to meet your architectural needs. Big or small, we can build the awning that’s perfect for you. We’ve been satisfying home owners around the Bay Area for more than 30 years. We provide free estimates!

We also provide custom covers for outdoor grills, pool equipment, tables, and chairs. We have a variety of waterproof and fireproof materials to help protect your home and property.

Whether you are in the market for a home awning or another shade solution, call us, email, or set up an appointment to visit our Santa Clara showroom to choose from a variety of styles, shapes, colors, architectural elements, and beautiful fabrics. Find out what a custom-made awning can do for your home.

Scroll down to see some of the home awnings we’ve provided our customers.

See Our Home Awnings

Traditional Awnings

Traditional awnings typically cover windows, doors, entryways, and patios. Each is attached to your home. You can choose your materials, decorative enhancements, and fabric color to match your architectural needs.

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“We had an awkward hot spot in our home over the BBQ and kitchen window. Not feasible to plant a tree, we’ve tried umbrellas of all manners. In this past heat I decided to fix this. From first contact to installation Bay Area Canvas was spot on.”

—Judy C.

Retractable Awnings

A retractable awning comes out when you need it. Controlled either at the touch of a button by a motor (electronic) or by a hand-crank system, you extend your retractable awning when you need the shade.

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“They just left after installing a large side hanging awning… looks fabulous! This was our second contract with them, and they delivered as promised, again. Good folks from the estimator to the work crew. Highly recommended.”

—Mike H.


A canopy is typically a free-standing awning supported by columns. Canopies are often used over larger patios, sidewalks, or grassy areas. Some of our clients have built canopies to shade their pools, cover their cars, provide walkways, or for large events, like weddings and quinceañeras.

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This company gets a full 5 stars. They had great customer service, suggestions, fair pricing, and excellent turnaround time. When they came to do the installation and saw the building wasn’t flat like it appeared, they figured out how to work around this so the install still looked great.

—Sarah A.

Shade Screens

These external retractable awnings, either vertical or horizontal, are often made of a see-through fabric to maximize one’s view. They can be motorized, employ a hand-crank, or make use of a rod to open and close. A very popular option is the Horizontal Slide-wire Pull Canopy, sometimes called a Roman shade. These are manually pulled out from wires that extend over the area.

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“Bay Area Canvas did an outstanding job with our awning. Great customer service! They made sure it would look and fit great. The best awning company to use in the Bay Area!”

—Christina B.

Shade Sails

Shade sails are mounted on posts high above patios and outdoor areas to create shaded areas. While normally semi-permanent structures, shade sails can also be made with retractable features.

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“I wanted something that would provide shade but not affect my view. Bay Area Canvas suggested a shade sail. I had never even heard of them before. Now I  have two in my backyard. I love them!”

—Eric B.

Custom Covers

Custom covers protect valuable items such as gas grills, tables, and chairs when these items are not in use. Our fabric selections include waterproof and fireproof materials in a wide variety of colors and patterns.

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“My husband lives to grill. I surprised him on his birthday with custom covers that fit all his equipment. The covers fit everything perfectly. Good, quality products from the team at Bay Area Canvas. Great job!”

—Sandra S.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why Should I Get an Awning for My Home?

Home awnings protect your property from the harmful effects of the sun, provide shade for patio and deck use, and can lower the temperature of protected areas by up to 20 degrees. Awnings can also enhance your home’s architectural elements to improve curb appeal. Contact us for more.

Q: How Expensive Is an Awning?

Since our awnings are custom-made to fit your unique needs, prices will vary. We offer free estimates by a trained awning specialist, who will come to your home or business, measure for your awning, and provide you with a free estimate. We’re confident that we can work within your budget to provide you with a solution that meets your needs. Contact us for more.

Q: How Long Will It Take to Make and Install My Awning?

The time it takes will depend on the size and complexity of your project. Currently, our job board is 6–8 weeks out for all new projects. A motorized awning or large wrap-around design for a storefront will take longer. Installation normally takes 4–8 hours. Your awning specialist will give you a timeline along with your quote. Contact us for more.

Q: How Long Will My Awning Last?

Awnings can last many years—some of the awnings we’ve made for local businesses have been up for 10 years and longer! Our fabrics each have different manufacturer warranties—typically 5, 8, or 10 years. We guarantee our frames and installation. Your awning specialist will discuss warranties for the materials you select at the time of your estimate. Contact us for more.

Q: Do You Repair Old Awnings?

Our team can inspect your old awnings to determine your repair needs. We can easily recover an old awning if the frame is intact, or can be reinforced with new welds. If your awning is damaged or defective, or more than 10–15 years old, you may need a new solution. Contact us for more.

Q: What's the Process of Working with Bay Area Canvas and Awning?

We work with you from the start to determine your needs. Our trained professionals will explain the benefits of awnings, show you samples, and help you determine the best products for your shade needs. We’ll send out a specialist to measure your space and go over any questions you may have, for free! We’ll then email, fax, or send you a written proposal. Once you sign-off on your proposal, we put your job into our work queue, order materials, manufacture your frame(s), and apply all materials, including any custom artwork you order. We set an installation date and time that works for your schedule. Installations can take 4 to 8 hours, depending on the complexity of your project. Contact us for more.

Q: Do You Do Metal Awnings?

We specialize in canvas awnings and covers. While we have a welding shop at our 7,000 square-foot facility, over the years we found that our customers prefer canvas awnings and shade covers to metal ones. Canvas is a lighter material that doesn’t get as hot as metal, so canvas awnings actually help keep you cooler. Also, metal awnings require a concrete base, which most homes don’t have around windows or doors. Contact us for more.

Q: Why Should I Choose Bay Area Canvas and Awning?

With more than 30 years of experience serving customers throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, we are a trusted resource for homeowners and businesses alike. We’re a local, family-operated business that has experience with big and small projects. We have many repeat customers—find out what they say about us on Yelp! We’re confident that we can help you meet your needs. Contact us for more.