Don’t Let Winter Stop Your Plans

Have you seen a slump in business this winter? Have you got the winter blues from being stuck inside at home all weekend long? You may think of awnings as protection from the sun, and that’s true. But did you know awnings also provide protection from the rain? Why not order an awning to protect and enjoy your outside areas during winter, too? Awnings in winter? Absolutely.

Our custom-made awnings are completely water resistant. The fabric we use is designed to take the amount of rain we receive here in the Bay Area in an average winter to ensure that you or your customers can still enjoy your outdoor assets. We use galvanized steel tube for our frames, Rustolium paints (or powder-coated frames), and industrial thread to ensure your awnings will last through many winters, and stand the test of time.

So whether it’s brunch in your backyard, a warm cup of coffee outside at your favorite cafe, or dinner out in the rain—don’t let winter get you down. We’ve got you covered with awnings in winter.

Awnings Benefit Your Home In Winter

Awnings provide sun protection, but they also protect from the harmful effects of the rain. Great for entryways, patios, windows, doors, and more, awnings can keep you covered during a chilly winter. Imagine all an awning can do:

  • Keep water off doors and windows
  • Provide dry spots in front of doors
  • Protect wood from winter elements
  • Protect grills and outdoor equipment from elements

Awnings Benefit Your Business In Winter

What’s the first thing people do when it rains? Seek cover. Imagine a group of cold, wet, hungry people ducking into your shop or restaurant at the first sign of rain. If you had an awning to protect them, it’s easy to imagine. There’s other benefits, too:

  • Keep customers dry and warm
  • Add signage and visibility to your business
  • Create outdoor seating areas
  • Attract business during inclement weather
  • Create dry spots for loading and man doors
  • Protect equipment from the elements